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Angry Log 2005 Kiting Kalmus on 6/21/05
Kiting 51 on 4/3/05
Kiting Wacko on 4/20/05
Timmy's: Mayflower, WD, Hardings
Angry Log 2004
Angry Log 2003
Angry Pics 2003
Date Location K/W/S Weapons Description Outing
01/01/2005 Chapin Kite Fuel 11, Cabal Skim 51 1st day of the new season! Cold water but warm air, no gloves. Timmy, Ted, Miguel, Phil, Todd. Skimboard is the lightwind machine. Bad HP with beach clearing kiteloop. Chapin's wings/beer after!
02/06/2005 51 Kite Fuel 11, Cabal Skim 51 Timmy, Jerry, Peter K, Barry, Todd, Philip. 51 is nice this year! Water was cold but with gloves, boots and hood not bad. Definitely need a new suit though, core brrr! Liking the skim more and more, though maybe a lil too powered today.
02/12/2005 Stowe Snowboard Sprite 155 Timmy, Tyler, Elyse, Jen & Stowe house people. Nicest day in the woods ever, 20" of fresh snow helps. Snowed all day. Super fun!
03/06/2005 Hopkinton SnowKite Fuel 11, Sprite 155 Snowkite check, done, bring on the warmth. Santi and I kited at some pond, built a small kicker; slushy & gusty but fun.
03/26/2005 MF Kite Fuel 15, Cabal Skim 51 Wouldn't count except for temp/time of year. Very underpowered downwinder. Water cold but not too bad. B-n-F...
04/02/2005 51 Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Timmy, Jerry, Luke, Barry, Holly, Peter K. Was fearing the cold and rain but was not bad at all. Unhooked deadman, HPs soon?! New N. Beach slick nice.
04/03/2005 51 Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Every one out: Timmy, Jerry, Luke, Barry, Holly, Tim Flynn, Pascal, Johnny, Ethan, Phil, Todd, sum yung gui. 1st downwinder to Nauset! Thanks Jerry for getting us! Waves crackin, huge shore break, outer beach is devastated.
04/07/2005 51S Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Ted, Miguel. Wind up & down, no water. Didn't really have a great time. No gloves though!
04/09/2005 Mayflower Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51 Peter T, Peter K, Luke, Santi, Todd, Tim & Holly. Wind was up for 30minutes. 1 HP attempt to splash. Skimboard for the rest; practiced riding 1-hand and lots of blind and HPs. Santi powered on 16.5 Contra.
04/17/2005 WD Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Santi, Timmy, Peter K, Jeff K, Todd, Dave, John, Luke, others. Wind not very strong but enough for skimboard. Did some nice one handed blind riding in the pond.
04/18/2005 51 Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51 Solo 45 min sesh. Getting dialed with blind, unhooked, one-handed riding, fun!
04/20/2005 Wacko Kite Fuel 15, 11, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Quick PM sesh in gusty choppy conditions. Andy and Tad helped launch, land, inflate and took pics, thanks guys!
04/22/2005 WD Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Luke, Ted, Todd. Onshore holey crap. Tried pond but low tide mess. Not so good of a sesh.
04/23/2005 LOL Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Ted, Tyler, Timmy. Waited for it to turn on. Stage slick nice, LOL gusty, ocean sweet and 51 very nice. Strange current. Dangle pass attempts!
04/24/2005 51 to Nauset Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Luke, Phil, Tyler, Timmy. True moronathon, clean waves at north beach but wind died and turned side off. Luke practicing relaunch 1/4 mile from shore. Switch to new PBay. TP finds the channels through the marsh. Hop back for inside ride to Nauset. Moron-a-thon Map
04/29/2005 PBay Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Jochem, Tyler, Miguel, Pauric. 1st taste of PBay, was looking like a skunking but turned on for twilight session. Cold water but super flat.
04/30/2005 WD Kite Fuel 11, Fanatic 120 Joyride, North Jaime M, Misfit 128 Jochem, Tyler. Rainy and gusty, but super fun. High tides = marsh kiting. Timmy & TP doing big TPHs. Nice quick sesh, Kitesite Gone Wild @ Scumdancers later, interesting evening.
05/14/2005 Planet Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51 1st Hatt session. Light on the skimmy then way too litt. Planet run to Wind Over Waves.
05/15/2005 Planet Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Planet run with Jochem, unhooked DW ever!
05/17/2005 Planet, Waves Ocean Kite Machine 17.5, Jimmy 133, Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Lesson with Matt Nuzzo, apparently I can't pop. Learned Indy glide and better riding blind, other stuff. DW from Waves to Avon.
05/18/2005 KP Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51 Short underpowered downwinder to Buxton Slick. Top Dog with Real crew later, Lobster freed.
05/19/2005 the Point Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51 Short DW on southside. Buried the "cat"...RIP
05/20/2005 Planet Kite Fuel 11 & 15, Misfit 128 1st DW - HP attempts bad, suicide leash good. 2nd DW - shadowed Jen who killed it and was stoked
05/21/2005 Real Slick Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Lesson with Llew; more pop. Learned indy glide to revert; cartwheel, better backroll to blind, proper S-bend.
05/26/2005 Mayflower Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 CJ, Holly, Stevo. Cold and raw. Onshore puffy wind. Not a great session but had some nice slashes on the swell and getting better indy glides off waves.
06/03/2005 1st Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51 Ted, Paul. Light wind but decent skimmy downwinder, lotsa surface passes and got one ollie with kick flip. Warm water.
06/07/2005 WD Kite Fuel 15, Aggression 122x40, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 2 Canucks; one cool, one lame; Todd, Phil, Jeff and Jerry, Luke, Peter on classic. Wind died out but fun for a bit.
06/10/2005 EEWD Kite Fuel 11, Misfit Ted, Paul, Santi, Jochem, Jerry. Crash kite, bloody nose, deadman and kite pop. Thnx Yokie for getting a pump. DW to litt at 51. Bike back then Stroh's and Isobar.
06/11/2005 1st Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Ted, Paul, Santi, Timmy, Tyler, Elyse. Odd wind. DW to 51.
06/12/2005 WD Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Solo sesh, thnx Timmy for pics and hanging. Bad fish tacos? Nice sesh, getting better on raley to blind...HPs not there. Fun stuff.
06/17/2005 WD Windsurf & Kite Tabou board & Worldsails 5.2 then Fuel 11, Cabal 51 Freestyle Frenzy. Hit the beach in time for Jerry's meter to gust to 30. Demoed some windsurf gear, thanks Jim B! Like riding a bike. Wind died a minute after returning the gear. Came back and rigged the 11 but was all over the place.
06/19/2005 Chapin Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51, Misfit 128 Nice day but high tide is choppy. Everyone out, nice landing to blind Timmy, nice Super Jumps Santi! Skimmed for a while then it filled in. Double-down Grumpy's afterwards!
06/21/2005 Kalmus Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Top 10 day! Stevo, Bill, Dennis, Holly, CJ, Ethan, Johan. Sweet slicks! Holly is TDing! Everyone going big and great tricks.
06/24/2005 Kalmus Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Windy day with Jochem, CJ, Bill, others. Nice near Great Island and behind point
06/25/2005 Forest Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Way overpowered dw to the Cut, Jerry, Luke, Holly, Jochem, Santi, TP.
06/26/2005 Hardings Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Jochem and I; underpowered til South Beach, nice toe to blind.
07/02/2005 Hardings Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Rescue with Orlando in the fog.
07/05/2005 WD Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 WD to S. Village with Phil, Todd & Mike. Strange wind. Philip TDs.
07/07/2005 Mayflower Kite Fuel 11&15, Misfit 128 Good northerly with Jim Carswell, Jim does well. Hp leash deployed.
07/09/2005 vlats Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Top 10 day...rollers at launch for nice air, flats perfect for unhooked tomfoolery, upwinder through the break, S. Beach seals and pond, dw to 51 in nice waves!!
07/23/2005 Chapin Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51, Misfit 128, Hellfish 13 Dawn patrol, on the beach at 6am. Kited til 12:30pm. Hellfish was interesting. Visit to Chapin slick was unsuccessful, swim it home and walk out. Discovered Sarah's new secluded beach spot.
07/27/2005 LoL Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Late day sesh with TImmy, who TDed bigtime: one handed unhooked tantrums with downloop transition, aerial HP attempts, more. I crashed my kite, almost lost it but redeemed for nice dinner w/Timmy & Sarah @ Mahoneys.
07/28/2005 Chapin Kite Fuel 15, Cabal 51, Misfit 128 5.5 hour lunch session, just couldn't go back to work. Great solo sesh: tried a bunch of stuff: consecutively landed raley to blind, HPs after were difficult. Very nice day, Chapin rocks.
07/29/2005 WD Kite Crossbow 12, Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Crossbow demo, cool kite. Gary from Cabrinha super nice, Cam-punk. Landed blind a few times, went to pass the handle and kitemared, almost took out rider and plovers, total kookout.
08/05/2005 Stage Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 Santi, Jochem, Jerry. Nice. Timmy TD with one hand tantrum to blind with HP. Crash kite, deflate, swim, walk, swim, walk. 16oz Millers at Cut.
08/06/2005 Chapin Kite Fuel 15, Cabal Tp was jonesing. 15 minutes on skim than nada. Crossbow troubles? Too much hype on the new kites.
08/08/2005 Weeds Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 DW with Miguel. Perfectly powered for attempted splashes. 1st clean raley-blind with HP but grabbed srong side of handle, oops. Miguel with sweet S-bends. Thanks to Melissa for picking us up and Roque family for dinner!
08/13/2005 Weeds Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 DW with Tyler. Hung over downwinder, felt horrible.
08/14/2005 Weeds Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Jerry and Stage Pond. Not so powered but enough to practice falling.
08/15/2005 Chapin Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128, Crossbow 12, Aggression 122 Holly, Phil, Todd, Luke, Dez, decent evening. Super strong current. Practiced falling again, and swimming. Don't like the anti-LE explosion feature any more.
08/21/2005 51 Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Double down! Miguel, Tyler, Jochem, Aussie/NY Dan, Elyse. Flats, waves. Harbor and spectators, great S. Beach clean breakers, packed sandbar. Redo with Jochem and Elyse: underpowered but mobes (?) and back to blind (kinda). Ride back with cop. Elyse is the keymaster. Sat: 60 mile ride with Miguel, Dan, Tyler...very nice weeked
08/28/2005 51 Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Jochem, Santi, Barry way off, Kathleen launching. Jochem nailed a mobe, mental. Short session but at least we got out. Good hotdog and guns at Larry's PX.
09/1/2005 Kalmus Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Miguel, Todd, Holly, Dennis, Stevo. Lead Miguel to slick but wind died. Wlak, ride, drag back. Pick up near Great Isle.
09/2/2005 WD Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Timmy, Tyler, Ted, Elyse, Todd, Phil. Gusty WSW but fun. Tried mobes again but nada. Good crashes. 'Found' board.
09/?/2005 ? Kite Fuel, Misfit 128 I know I kited at some point week of 9/9 but forget when.
09/12/2005 Weeds Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 5 minute session. Crash and burn.
09/14/2005 WD Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Philip. Greatest pond sesh ever. HP tranny, smooth tantrums. Love the pond!
09/17/2005 Chapin Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Everyone out to slash Ophelia. Top 10 day.
09/21/2005 WD Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Peter,Philip & Todd. Choppy & gusty. Pond and ocean. Not so great.
09/24/2005 Bayview Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Everyone out. Mom & Dad visit. Jude swims with fishes. Nice day, but dropped off fast.
09/25/2005 Area51 Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Jerry, Barry, Luke, Peter, Matt White. Strange day, lots of power but no board speed. Pond to waves to bay to channel. Lots of walking. Redemption sesh in standing waves near N. Beach. Good ending at least.
10/8/2005 WD Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128 TD2 ~ everyone out. Boardercross course blew in. Nice day in the pond: fliming from boat, Todd board offs, Timmy mobe attempts. I got a could of decent blind slides on the windsurf board. Hasslehoffed for Miguel's kite. Scumdancers for SS swag, thanks D. Loop!
10/9/2005 Mayflower Kite Octane 12, Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Brrr, cold and drizzly. Demoed the new Octane, very sweet. Onshore and whitewater, flukey winds. Bill was angry. Yokie kites alone and swims it home, then back for board.
10/22/2005 51 Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128 Brrr again...nice Fall?! Cold and drizzly. Santi, Jochem, Peter. Stinky north beach cove, waves at S. Beach, flat water on inside but too litt.
10/23/2005 Mayflower to Skaket Kite Fuel 7, Misfit 128 Brrr again, cold and drizzly again. Downwinder with Jochem and Miguel, mental. Big bombs til Cold Storage then rolling swell/chop in Brewster flats. Pictures (from Goldfish)
11/05/2005 One Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Phil, Todd, Jeff, Lisa. Pulsing wind skimboard then regular board, then back. Filled in nicely near sunset. Jeff with an offshore solo donwwinder.
11/06/2005 One Kite Fuel 15, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Phil, Jerry, Peter, Todd, Jeff, Lisa, Santi, Jochem, Elyse...light wind but sunny. Played in the estuary til it filled in then regular board. Fun session, got a cold now though.
11/22/2005 Ego Beach Kite Fuel 11, Misfit 128, Cabal 51 Rainy but nice wind and waves. Dennis and I kited for about 15 minutes until a wave destroyed his kite.
My 2005 season has ended. As always it was super fun and I learned a new trick or three. However the aerial HP remained elusive, that is the top goal for the 2006 season. Checkout the stats for the 2005 kiteboard season.