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Date Location K/W/S Weapons Description Outing
02/20/2007 Lahey Clinic Surgery Right Knee Dr. Mark Lemos repaired the medial meniscus in my right knee. Said ACL was torn a lil but solid (yippee). Damage to femoral condyles and a lil to MCL. Kiteboarding is fun but can be dangerous to your health. Supposedly will be back to normal activities in 4-6 months. See you in June or August! This is day one, start counting....
07/27/2007 Forest Kiteboard 15m Fuel, Nobile skimboard First day back on the water, treated to a nice downwinder to Area 51. JE, Peter, Todd, Brian, Jeff K. Nice to be back riding. Sticking with the skimboard for a while. So, 157 days from surgery.
08/15/2007 WD Kiteboard 7m Fuel, Nobile skimboard Windy and gusty, challenging to stay on the skimboard, but fun. JK, Phil. Tried JK's Misfit and realized I'm not ready for that yet.
08/18/2007 Chapin Kiteboard 7m Fuel, Nobile skimboard Crazy day, gusting to 39. Dawn patrol. Jochem, TPH, Amanda, Elyse, JK, PK, TBagge, Stevo, DaveD, Holmes, more. Nice rollers, fun to ride on skim
08/24/2007 Forest Kiteboard 15m Fuel, Nobile skimboard Another nice downwinder with PK, JE, Brian, Barry, Luke, Todd. Super nice waves in Whitey's Playground. Medvedev's afterwards.
08/25/2007 1st Enc to P'town Kiteboard 11m Fuel, Nobile skimboard Timmy and I did a ~20 mile downwinder. Sweetness. Crossing to Jeremy Pt., slashing, trying M. Shinn tricklets and falling (a lot). Timmy unhooked double backroll, blindness. Lightning? Long trek. Tried Timmy's TT, fun but still not ready. P'town is fun!
08/31/2007 Mayflower Kiteboard 15m Fuel, Nobile skim, Misfit Timmy, Tyler, Santi. Wind came up, decent lil session. Nice waves on 2nd bar. Attempted twintip again, but not ready yet. Had fun ollie_ing the skim. Nice day.
09/08/2007 H-ville Kiteboard 11m REV, 8m SB2, Nobile skim theSarah, Timmy, Brian, Luke, Dez, Geoff, Jeff, theTodd, Dennis, Zbrat, Jeff S., more. Great day. WSW makes some nice rollers. Finally understand the SLE kite, very nice for the waves. Able to pop, switch feet and land toeside on skim now, sweet. Brian is riding extremely well, must be the winter in FLA. Nice show!
09/15/2007 Chapin Kiteboard 11m REV, 12m SB3, 11m Fuel Nobile skim Another big day at Chapin, probably 30 kites and as many windsurfers on the water at same time. Started out cold and rainy, ended warm and sunny. Nice waves. Demo day for the kites. Mattoo on the water?! Surprise 40th bday party, super fun!
09/18/2007 Mayflower Kiteboard 15m Fuel, Nobile skim Jeff Krug and I. Incoming tide, nice slicks and very small kickers. Had fun jumping the skim. JK had some difficulties getting low end out of SB2. Gorgeous fall day.
09/25/2007 H-ville Kiteboard 9m SB1, Nobile skim JK, Todd, Billy. Super nice small waves. Still very warm, hopefully not the last of it. Nobile + small waves = killer!
09/29/2007 Mayflower Kiteboard 11m Fuel, Nobile skim Timmy, Stevo, CJ, Tim, Todd, Holly and a lot more. Couted 33 kites up b/w Chapin and MF. Super nice with tons of space. Skimmy a lil challenging in chop, frustrating watching everyone else jumping to hearts content. Timmy nice back-to-blind and front-to-blind. 1st day in thick suit..oh no winter is coming...
10/07/2007 Nauset to Light Kiteboard 11m Fuel, Nobile skim Timmy, Tyler, Ted, Dimitri, Jerry, Peter, theTodd, Mike, Barry. Nice downwinder despite high tide. Some good waves. Mike with long swim due to bridle failure. New cut is cool. Rerig and launch under supervision of my friends the seals. Whippet!
10/16/2007 Mayflower Kiteboard 11m Fuel, Nobile skim Nice morning: Jerry, Bill (KSS), JK, theTodd, Des, Kathleen. Got to try theTodd's TT and PlaceboMan. Fun session. Whippet on the beach!
10/20/2007 H-ville Kiteboard 11m Fuel, Nobile skim Timmy, Peter, Todd, Luke Des, Holly, Kathleen, JE, KSS. Matt White appearance! Later, Bobby Wright, Jimmy, Zbrat, BB. Somewhat of a skunking..made it to the flats, then wind died. Yokie with killer skimming on the beach. Weeds are brutal!