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My Fasier of all Downwinders
MFer Details:
It's on!!! Tomorrow, Thursday 9/18/2003 at high noon. Yaaa boyyyy!

 • 20 miles of coastline = 20 miles of waves to slash
 • At a slash rate of 5mph, that's 4 hours of waveriding!
 • At a wave per mile rate of 5wpm, that's 100 waves to be slashed!
 • 9/12 and 9/13 no wind for downwinder. New date-TOMORROW, 9/18 !!!.
 • Prizes awarded for most waves slashed, hugest jump, sweetest kitepants
 • Rules: ride hard, slash waves, don't get eaten by Whitey, ditch any stragglers
 • Sponsorship and support crew provided by Hungry Whitey, Inc. and Buttweiser

***Bring water with you, drop a car for you and your buds at Chatham Light or Nauset (for min-downwinder), be sure you can handle it - tomorrow is not the day for learning to kiteboard in the waves....

Don't be left out, get in on this once in a lifetime event!