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Date Location K/W/S Weapons Description Outing
04/24/2008 Frisco & Frisco Woods Surf & Kite BRD surf, REV 13, Nobile skim, RRD FSW windsurfer Surf was fun with JE, Bill, John Howard. Dogs & hotdogs on the beach. Tried surfing right foot forward for 1st time , felt more natural. Kited with JE at Frisco Woods in very light wind.
04/26/2008 Avon: 1st turnout North Kite SS '03 & '05 Fuel 17, '02 UG 147, Nobile skim, 13m REV Lunacy Arrived with DC crew, who downwinded to 2nd turnout then Planet run. I gave lessons to Jim Carswell. Then joined notTodd for downwinder to Turnout 46 (Planet entry). First ride on new gear, all very nice!
04/28/2008 Avon Sound Kite REV 13, Lunacy Nice soundside session in front of the house. Jim, Paul, Neto, Vali, Holly, CJ, Todd, notTodd, Drew, others
04/29/2008 Avon Sound, then Frisco ocean Kite '03 11m Fuel, UG 147, REV 9, Lunacy Lesson in front of house, very litt. Rode on 9m for a bit. Then downwinder from Frisco docks to pier.
04/30/2008 Avon Ocean, KP Kite REV 13m, JL 5'8", Nobile skim AM downwinder Askins Creek to Hatt light. Skim session late in the day.
05/01/2008 Jockey's Ridge, Nag's Head, NC Kite REV 9, Lunacy Jim got some rides on the 9 REV and his board. Gusting to high 20s. Nice swell in the middle of the bay. Jacques on camera, mayhem with Cabrinah Unknown Rider.
05/02/2008 Planet Kite Eclipse Nano 9m, Lunacy Jim Carswell's first downwinder. Todd B, notTodd, Jim, Vali, Jacques, Paul, Geoff, Neto. Dimitri showed with demo kites. Planet of the Kooks, craziness. Sweet 3+ hour downwinder. Hatteras rocked for us!!
OBX Pics from Jacques
OBX Pics from Todd
05/08/2008 WD Kite Cab Convert 9m, Aggression Something, Lunacy w/out fins Phil, Todd, Geoff, Jeff, PK, other. Quick after work session. Not really into it. BnFed mostly. Fearing the knee again which is bad. Did a few little unhooked things to get past it. Convert is a nice kite, Aggression board super light, finless Lunacy is not a good choice :).
05/11/2008 Nauset to Chatham Light Kite REV 13, Misfit 127 JE, Todd, John, BB; Kirk, PK, Geoff aborted mission, they are smarter people than us. Craziness. Biggest waves I've been in by far. 1st tack disaster was a knee shaker. Watching JE on same wave 100s yards away crazy. Good stuff.
05/18/2008 Kalmus Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129 Rode the backside with Santi & (now married) Jochem, funny he kites just as good married as single. JK, Stevo, CJ, others at Kalmus proper. Nice session. Pure butter in a safe to throw anything spot is fun!
05/26/2008 A53 Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Jochem & Paulie. Litt up. Nice rollers to jump over. Slickness in the harbor but gusting. Upwinded to Forest and JE. Timmy on fire. I caught a cold.
Pics from Forest
06/01/2008 RedRiver Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Jerry, Peter, Todd, Matt White, Dennis. Aborted mission to S. Monomoy. Odd day, wind degraded the further from shore we rode. Died at Hardings. Geoff thanks for the ride to retrieve JE's van. Back to RR for some decent riding.
06/05/2008 Mayflower Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Dennis, 2 dudes from RI, 1 from SanDiego. Challenging conditions for the Lunacy. Voodoo chop, gusty changing wind direction. Still fun. Almost getting the back-to-blind (hooked in). Need to work on that more.
06/07/2008 Area49 Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129 Santi & Jochem. Nice lil downwinder. Perfect for trying stuff. Back to blind getting a lil closer, hopping to blind and passing the handle now (not since 06), indy glide one handers. Super fun. Nice lil chat with Canadian fisherman who said we made his day.
06/13/2008 Chappy Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim, Litewave 133, SS Fuse 151 notTheTodd in town. Headed to Chappy as it was only spot with wind. Peter, Tim and Dave there. Maginal wind but we made the most of it. Lunacy proving it is a light wind machine for Todd. I rode the skim. Fun time.
Pics from Chappy
06/14/2008 SouthVillage Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129 Light ESE wind. NotTodd, TheTodd, Philip, Rob, Jay, JohnnyD. Fun time on the skim. Glad notTodd got another session in but fell short of what I had hoped to show him for CC riding. Maybe next time?!
06/18/2008 Big K Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129 JK, Goldfish, Vlad. Nice backside slick riding. Pretty litt on the 13m. Fun stuff!
Pics from Big K
06/20/2008 Forest Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Luke and Desiree. I missed the downwinder with JE, PK, Qball & Billy. But had a nice little session at Angry Cove. Ended up at Hardings and walked back along the shore. Shorter walk than I thought.
06/21/2008 Forest Kite REV 13 & 9, Lunacy 129 JK, Geoff, Bill, JE, Bernie, Kathleen, Luke, Des, but no Timmy. Overpowered on the 13, traded to 9m. At Forest for a bit then ventured to Stage Harbor. Super nice slick, worked on a bunch but not really gettin any better, must be the gear. REVs are great but Fuels for wakestyle are the way. Lots of kites at Hardings, no longer the secret spot it was. Thanks to Karen & Jim for the ride back.
06/30/2008 BigK Kite Fuel 11, Lunacy 129 JK, Frankie. Gusty but nice session. Rode Timmy's Fuel, great for wakestyle but REV is better all-around. Mostly on backside but a bit at Stevo's Great Isle slick. Very gusty there.
07/02/2008 BigK Kite REV9, Lunacy 129 JK working on pop. Mostly backside riding again. Such a nice slick. S-bends are not so good as of late, but finally figuring out how to stop the kite from downlooping. Nice session.
07/03/2008 1st Encounter Kite Fuel 11, Lunacy 129 Sweet sunset downwinder with Jim Carswell, who rode my 9m REV. Perfect conditions for the 11 Fuel. Worked on a bunch of unhooked stuff, tantrums, raley to blind, back to blind, indy glides, s-bends. Finally back to landing the raley to blind consistently but in new direction (to protect knee). Jim did well, rode toeside and was stoked about that. Bayside downwinders rock. Fireworks for long walk back
07/13/2008 SoutBeach Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim Took the OuterMost ferry to South Beach to meet Jerry, Janice, Luke, Desiree. Rode ocean on skimboard in nice lil cove downwind of launch; light wind but enough to get out and ride a wave back in. Switched to sound side, riding towards North Monomoy, where wind was stronger. Nice Day!
07/18/2008 Forest Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim Philip, Todd, Mark?. Nice late day after work session. Skim for a bit, then TT as wind came up. Todd doing some cool flippys with the Placebo. Very cool. Greenheads were out in force post session.
07/20/2008 Hardings Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Thought I was going to miss a windy weekend but eeked out two sessions (Fri and today - Sunday). Big thanks to Timmy who texted he was on the way. Rode with Timmy, Joe_knee, Lee and the infamous NETO! Haven't had the pleasure of riding with Neto since Hatt. Great session, but can't land nothin. Ocean was super cold and scary looking. Good jumping and toe2toe backs off small waves. Killer. Thank you Timmy!
07/27/2008 Forest Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim PK, Geoff, JK, Luke, Des, Scott. Nice day! Skim then powered on TT. Geoff with some nice one footers. Upwinded to Wychmere Harbor, blasted back.
08/04/2008 Chapin Kite REV 13, Nobile skim Very light, but got some rides on the skim. Haven't been to Chapin in a while, such a great beach. Ready for the northerlies to return!
08/17/2008 Forest to A51 Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Very sweet day. Dropped PK's van, launched at Forest. Tons of kites in the Chatham zone: PK, TImmy, Santi, Geoff, more and the Boston crew: Johnny D, T, Neto, DD, etc. Rode across to MonoMaui which was phenomenal. Btw, N/S Monomoy split, got stuck in stinky pond. Tried ocean but no waves. Back inside N Monomoy for DW to the Light. Back to outside for final blast to shore. Super nice day.
08/20/2008 Mayflower Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim JK, thanks for the wake-up call. Low tide, powered on the 13. Nice to be back on the north side. JK going titanic. Good small waves to slash. Lots of beachgoers arrived like ants from an ant hill. Guards closed the water b/c of bacteria count. Teenager wants to take my gear for a spin. Good day!
09/01/2008 Chapin & Cole Rd Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129; Rev 13, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim Morning session at Chapin with at least 28 kites up. Afternoon solo session at Cole Road.
09/07/2008 Chapin Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim Remnants of TS Hanna. Looked like a bust but was very nice for a short session. JK, Phil, Matt Fioretti. Super glassy waves and perfect wind. Died off a bit but got the skim out to keep the session going.
09/10/2008 Chapin Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Nice morning session. Jim Carswell doing well staying upwind. JK, Geoff, Holly. Hour after high tide is by far the best time at Chapin. No JE ?
09/12/2008 WD Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129, Nobile skim Solo pond session til Ted joined me towards the end. Very nice session, alternated between TT and skim. Super fun. Cold and a little rainy. Stryka was barking on every jump, good boy.
09/14/2008 Hardings Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129, skim Ted & Timmy. Light at first, used the skim, then picked up enough for the TT. Stayed next to the channel (escalator with the tide). Super nice kickers. Timmy TDing with some huge back-to-blinds.
09/19/2008 Nauset to Chat Light Kite REV 9, skim Downwinder with Todd, Peter, Barry, Geoff, Mike, Jon Modici (sp). Nice session. Stayed on the inside having fun on foam mattress and small reformed waves til new break. Then fell 20 times trying to get out of shorebreak off of north island. North Island vertical wall was fun for zero gravity walking...
10/06/2008 Mayflower Kite REV 9, skim, Lunacy 129 Philip and a few others. Quick lunch session. Very onshore with incoming tide. Spent most of time on the skim. Tried Philip's quad surfboard - still not liking the fin drag feeling. Oh well. Good sandwich after also, Peterson's rocks.
10/09/2008 Hardings Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129, skim Very nice fall day. Lots of kiters for Hardings, mid-week, mid-fall. PK, JE, Todd, Timmy, Netto, Elyse, Kathleen, Billy, Miguel and a bunch more. Yokie and I shot the inlet next to cockle cove. Then out to Monomaui for some small waves. Downwinded through the flats for some good unhooked to splat. Then back for a short skim session. Super good time!
10/13/2008 Light Kite REV 13, Lunacy 129, skim Jerry, Luke, Desiree. Light wind session. Rode the skim in front of the light, in the stinky pond, then upwind to North Island. Lots of friendly seals. Skimmed the current river coming over the sandbar at North Isle flats, standing wave_ish. Nice sesh, but water is getting cool....oh no how much longer will the season last?
10/18/2008 Lecount to Chatham Light Kite REV 9, Lunacy 129 Jochem, Santi, Ted, Jeff Krug. 18 mile adventure. Light at first. Jochem had a few mishaps, Santi blew out his knee. Nice surf at Coast Guard and just after Nauset. Nauset Inlet high tide rides over the marsh to Fort Hill were unique. Shorebreak was a challenge. Good ride, was it the last 08 session?